Dill Kids Educational and Performing Arts Program


We are excited to share that our non-profit, the Dill Kids Educational and Performing Arts Program, is in full motion and we would love your support!

What We Do

The Dill Kids Educational and Performing Arts Program is designed to empower, uplift, and service kids with free education and creative arts opportunities.  It is a project that consist of three powerful components:

  • A free online educational channel  which gives parents, teachers, and kids access to a broad curriculum to help tutor and assist kids with mastering their grade-level standards. What is also awesome about this project, is that all of our lessons are created, instructed, and donated by real certified teachers so that parents can trust the content that is provided on our platform. The channel is especially designed to help underserved children who do not have the proper support that is needed at home, to assist in providing them with a successful and healthy academic journey. dillpurplegeniuses.com/dill-tv/dill-learning-channel/
  •  The Dill Kids Live on Tour.  A portion of our musical live family and anti-bullying show is non-profit. The Dill Kids Live travel throughout communities (especially underserved communities) visiting libraries, schools, hospitals, and other venues to educate, provide book donations, in-kind product give-aways, and motivate kids on a inspirational level. This positive and high energy live stage experience teaches kids that they do have a divine purpose in life and to never give up on what they believe they can achieve. The Dill Kids live show has already impacted the lives of kids by giving thousands of dollars worth of give-aways and has gained over 30,000 fans worldwide. 
  •  The performing arts program. This program allows kids to participate in different aspects of the performing arts arena such as; dance, music, art, acting, and singing. There will also be courses that will center on self-confidence building, tutoring, periodic parenting courses, and an annual musical theater production as a way to provide children with a platform to see the fruits of their labor and perform in front of a live audience.

Our History

The Dill Kids Educational and Performing Arts program is a non-profit segment of the company Dill Purple Geniuses Media and was established in 2018.

The project was created based upon the requests of parents and teachers and was developed to assist in providing social enhancement, educational support, and performance arts opportunities for kids from all economic backgrounds, including underserved children.

The heart of this project lies with the stories that parents and kids have openly shared with us. It tugs at our soul to know that many parents have fallen on hard times, want to give up, or have a challenge with language and are not able to support their child academically, creatively, or with the proper praise. However, it is the positive testimonials that we do receive, that keep us moving forward with this project. What an honor it is, to sacrifice our time and invest the energy to travel and impact the lives of children throughout various communities. Knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of kids by embracing them with the compassion, love, and support during their most critical years of  life, makes all of what we do well worth it!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a source of inspiration for kids by providing them with free educational resources that will encourage their learning, as well as help to shape their social confidence through the participation in performance, music, art, and dance.

Our capability of unleashing an oasis of creative opportunities through the arts and education, will also give children the chance to explore, unlock, and embrace a level of expression that will help catapult them to their greatest dreams and desires.

Our passion is to service kids and be a great role model!

Free Education for All Kids!

We offer free education for tutoring and academic advancement for kids 3 to 8 years of age on the Dill Learning Channel. Our free educational channel offers children and parents academic guidance in the following areas: language arts, math, science, art, and a story-time for reading comprehension. Parents worldwide are utilizing our free educational channel and it has also been a powerful resource and intervention tool for teachers.

Take a sneak peak below to view sample videos.

Pre-K through 3rd Grade

How You Can Help

We are so excited to receive volunteers and donations to help fund our awesome vision for kids and parents. With the declining scores in the public school system, the removal of the arts, and the lack of awareness courses for parents, lots of our kids are missing out and struggling. Our program is designed to help provide the arts and education to all kids everywhere. This is a higher learning program, so the program is designed to help kids of all backgrounds including special needs.

The great benefit also, is that you can write off your donation! We appreciate you and thank you in advance.

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